July 19, 2021

A Gift for Coral

By: Sharon Bazant

A Gift for Coral

July 19, 2021

On a beautiful summer evening, Coral stands on the Farmer’s front porch to watch the sun go down and the dark set in.

The Farmer’s wife sees her there and notices something: Coral’s hood and cloak are a little too warm for summer weather. She wonders if Coral might need cooler summer clothing and decides to do something about it!

The very next day, Coral is out and about again, still in her hood and cloak, excited to see what she will see near her home at Rennwood Farm.

The first critters she comes across are some of her favorites ever!

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A teeny, tiny hummingbird whose wings beat at up to 80 times per SECOND!

A striped chipmunk which can stuff large amounts of seeds and nuts into its cheek pouches, then carry the food away to a secret storage spot.

A fierce-looking dragonfly that will eat thousands of insects in its lifetime.

A female cardinal who is so hardy she will stay in Minnesota over the brutal winter, surviving cold and snow and scarce food.

Coral is amazed at the variety of animals she finds so close to Rennwood Farm.

Deciding the sun is much too warm, Coral has just removed her hood and cloak when the Farmer’s wife meets her near the farmhouse.

“Hold out your arms and close your eyes,” the Farmer’s wife tells her tiny friend.

“Surprise! A light scarf for days when a cloak is much too warm to wear.”

And then–even better!–the Farmer’s wife places a sunny, yellow hat on Coral’s small head.

Coral loves her handmade gifts, perfect for warm summer days and bright summer sun.

She waves good-bye to the Farmer’s wife, who heads home for the family’s evening meal.

Just a few moments later as she continues her stroll, Coral is met by one of the most important critters at Rennwood Farm: the Farmer’s loyal Shepherd who protects the farm and guards the livestock, and who also loves a chance to play fetch whenever she can!

Dropping a ball at Coral’s feet, the Shepherd begs Coral to throw it just one time.

Kindly but firmly, Coral explains she’s a little too small to hurl that bouncy tennis ball.

The dog understands. Maybe the Farmer will play a game of fetch today instead.

Suddenly, the Farmer’s sheep bleat loudly, and the Shepherd is immediately alert to possible danger or trouble with the Farmer’s flock.

Bounding away, she leaves the ball behind. Likely the sheep are completely safe, but the Shepherd will not rest until she knows for sure. Farm dogs are always on the job!

Coral realizes it’s time to return to her little home and her own evening meal. A beautiful flowering stalk of Common Yarrow (Achilea millefolium) should do the trick!

Her supper meal planned, Coral is free to soak in a few moments of evening sun and the beauty of the field and flowers around her.

Good-night, Coral, until the next adventure!

~ Have you ever given someone a handmade gift?

~ What was the gift, and how did the person receiving it react?

~ If you have not given a handmade gift, is there one you would like to make for someone this year?

~ Have you ever met a working dog who helps a family or a farm or a community?

~ What other “working animals” have you heard of who help people with very important jobs?

Resources to explore:

~ Learn about Common Yarrow.

~ Learn about German Shepherds.

~ Learn about dogs as pets and helpers.

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