In the fall of 2015, Faye and Ron from Alberta, Canada, purchased a yellow male puppy from us. This is the very kind letter Faye sent a year later, telling us how much they love “Buckshot.” Faye gave me permission to share her letter (and the photo of Ron and Buck!) Here:


Rennwood Blackpowders Buckshot was purchased from your kennel October of 2015.

He was a gift to my husband Ron.

He has truly been a real gift, and they are certainly enjoying each other. Buck has bonded to Ron which makes Ron very happy; Ron grew up on a large farm and the family always had dogs. These were family dogs, and in adulthood Ron and his family always had dogs but again they were family dogs. Buck and Ron have a close knit bond.

This spring I paid for Ron and Buck to take retriever classes together ( it was an anniversary present from me). Buck excelled in the classes and was appreciated by everyone in the class. Last month Ron and Buck participated in a NAHRA Hunt Test Picnic Test. Although Buck was entered in the Started Class at the end of the day, Buck was awarded “Gunners Choice Award” dog. This award was chosen by the judges based on dog’s natural ability to retrieve (drive) plus where the dog was at in his training appropriate to age. My husband and I are members of the Alberta Clipper Hunter Retriever Association; (you can find it on Google). Their training grounds is at Wabamum Lake AB. In the clubhouse there is a “Wall of Fame.” One of the items on that wall is a large plague, each year one dog has his name placed on that plaque. The dog entered for 2016 is “Buck.”

At the end of the day at that Picnic test the judges decided (for fun) to run a trailing event. Any dog that wanted to enter could. Ron wasn’t going to enter seeing as Buck had never done this. When all the dogs had finished running, the judge called Ron to the line with Buck. Ron explained that Buck had never done this. The judge said “Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it.” When signaled to go, Buck took off down the line, around a couple of water bays, nose to the ground. He ran to the duck pile (several hundred yards away) where the birds had been placed. Buck returned with no bird. Before getting right back to Ron, Buck took off again back to the pile. Again he returned, no bird! The judge asked, “Has this dog been taught force fetch”? Ron replied that he had. When the judge and Ron walked to the pile, there were NO Birds! The last dog had taken the last bird! The judge turned to Ron and emphatically said “You have a duck dog! Not only did he run to an empty pile once but he ran twice knowing a bird was supposed to be there!” A few minutes later the judge called for Buck to return to the line. Ron’s son John took Buck to the line. (Ron was detained). The judge wanted Buck to have the opportunity to pick up a real bird. When John released Buck, the judge said “Watch how he runs. All the other dogs zigzag on the scent trail. Buck puts his nose to the trail and doesn’t leave it.”

August 21st Cabelas Sporting Goods store in south Edmonton is hosting a sale. They are going to be giving retriever demos. Buck has been invited to be one of a couple of dogs giving demos.

August 27th Buck is entered in Hunt tests to run for his first Title.

Ron couldn’t be happier with his dog! They go everywhere together, fishing, camping, hiking, and training. He is an awesome dog with tremendous natural ability. Just the other day Ron commented that when he misses a day out in the field with Buck, Buck has a sorrowful look on his face. He loves to be out enjoying life.

We are so happy we connected with Rennwood Kennels. Ron is looking forward to getting his next dog from them.

Faye (& Ron)
Black Powder Kennels