Labradors of Rennwood | Five Generations

In 1991, my parents purchased their first Labrador. We’ve been breeding the same line of dogs ever since.

“Chivas” was the first Labrador my parents had ever owned. They purchased her in 1991, almost 30 years ago! Chivas had just about the strongest retrieving instinct we’ve ever seen in a dog. Our family fell in love with the breed.

Elsa” was another of my parents’ Labradors (not related to Chivas). Elsa was a sweet, laid-back, friendly Lab who produced amazing puppies over the years. My parents bred her to Chivas’ son, Pro Neutron, in order to get a litter with Chivas’ amazing retrieving instincts. We kept one of those puppies, “Bridget.”

“Bridget,” daughter of Elsa and grand daughter of Chivas, carried on the legacy of a relentless retrieving drive, sweet, family-oriented personality, and classic Lab looks! Bridget was our beloved family pet and gave birth to some phenomenal puppies in her time.

“Ruby” is the only dark red Labrador that had ever been born in any litter of ours. We didn’t know Bridget carried the red gene until Ruby was born–surprise! Ruby was obviously very unique! She is the sweetest Lab you will ever meet and is still a beloved member of our family and is still going strong at almost 13 years old. She is proudly owned by our son who is now 14 year old. Ruby’s intelligence and willingness to please make her a joy to be around. Everyone who meets Ruby loves her.

“Jovie” is the fifth generation that we have been blessed to own and raise. Jovie was part of the first litter that we purposefully bred for the fox red coloring in 2016. She was raised at Rennwood Farm until she was just over 1 year old, and she then went to live with our friends, the Whites. We are working with the Whites to raise two litters of puppies with Jovie in 2019 and 2020. Jovie is a beautiful, sweet, spunky girl who loves to fetch and is going to produce incredible puppies.