Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

We do not track you through other sites ever, though we do collect viewing data on our website for statistics such as number of visitors, number of views on pages or products etc. Your data is entirely anonymous until you create an account, in which case we only collect the information which you enter into our site eg. name, email, address etc.

Visitors To Our Website

If you are not signed in, we will only keep your data for statistical purposes, never singling your own data out. If you came to our website through a different app, such as instagram, facebook, email etc, your visit will anonymously be visible on our statistics.

Newsletter Sign Up

If you sign up via newsletter, we have your email account in our databases, though if you delete your account from our website, we will no longer be able to access it.

Form Submissions

We only store the data that you cite in the forms, until your account is deleted by request. We can view all of your comments and statistics that have been entered on our website while your account is active.

Access to Your Personal Information

We store very little information about our subscribers, but the information that we do have is never accessed by us unless requested by the applicant.

Cookies Policy

We use cookies to analyze viewer traffic and determine the best possible advertisements as well as what keeps the viewer interested.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a bit of information that is stored on users computer, and is accessed by websites to improve your shopping experience, or to create personalized ads.

How Long Are Cookies Stored For?

On websites such as Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. your cookies are most likely stored permanently. However, if you submit an account deletion request, all cookies and information previously stored on our website is deleted.

Third Party Cookies

We cannot, however, deter cookies from third party users (such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple etc.) If you would like to cease these cookies, an easy way would be to use DuckDuckGo as a browser instead. They do not track you or sell your data.